New Video: Weavers Guild Sale

In December of 2013 the Weavers Guild of Minnesota held the Incredible Weaving and Spinning Sale in honor of Betty Flannigan, long-time WGM member and supporter.

I put this video together to give a little overview of the sale as part of my work on the WGM Communications Committee. Take a look–the sale itself was pretty amazing!

Cochineal is here!

My cochineal is finally here! I made a visit to the post office today to pick up this beautiful 2 kilos of natural cochineal dye. The picture shows it straight out of the box, with a pencil to show how much 2 kilos is. “What’s cochineal?” you might ask. Cochineal is a natural dye and … Continue reading


First Weaving Project

2013 was full of things that were both new and not: a huge new work project that spanned the whole year for the job I’ve been working since early 2012, the addition of teaching classes to adults for something I’ve been doing over 5 years (natural dyeing), and new events like Shepherd’s Harvest Festival and … Continue reading


Rainbow Dyepot

It’s been so cold the last couple of weeks here in Minneapolis, but I’m glad we finally have some snow to make it feel worth it. It’s a crisp winter wonderland out there, and with the Christmas tree and nice fireplace, it’s feeling rather festive! One sad part about the great new snow is that … Continue reading


New Toy!

Last week was tons of fun with the Thanksgiving holiday, lots of family time, and an early Christmas tree purchase on a whim. But it was also pretty tiring, as holidays are wont to be. This week is so far a week for calm return to some nice relaxing things and good post-Thanksgiving recuperation. This … Continue reading